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Why Choose Linux Shared Hosting?

Lightning Fast Website with Shared Hosting

Optimize your website performance with varnish cache enabled shared linux hosting plans.

One-click web applications Script Installs

Install web applications such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. with a single click.

Intuitive control panel for Shared Hosting

Effortlessly manage your website hosting with a powerful and Intuitive Control Panel.

CMS Applications with one-click installation for Shared Hosting

Install PHP, PERL, JavaScript applications to your website with one-click Softaculous auto installer.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Our Shared Hosting servers are built on premium servers powered by Intel Xeon-E5 Dual Quad-Core Processors w/HyperThreading which ensures maximum uptime and availability.

Easy-to-use cPanel of Shared Web Hosting

Every shared linux hosting plan comes with an Intuitive Control Panel which enables you to easily create and manage your website.

Advanced Programming & Databases for building website

Build your website with advanced programming languages such as PHP, Apache, Curl, Python, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Ruby on Rails and much more.

Professional Email Hosting

Manage your emails through the enhanced email management features, create unlimited POP3 email accounts and keep spam at bay.
Is Cloud Hosting better than Shared Hosting?2021-06-08T14:36:27+00:00

Cloud Hosting harnesses the power of the cloud to provide a scalable environment to handle traffic spikes and durability to withstand server failures. In Shared Hosting, users share server resources, whereas, Cloud Hosting provides Dedicated RAM and CPU to your highly resource-intensive website.

How can i build my website?2021-06-08T14:38:44+00:00

You can build your website in numerous ways, ranging from Softaculous one-click installations to uploading custom code written in HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

Can I transfer my existing website to Zeytoon?2021-06-08T14:41:12+00:00

You can migrate your Web Hosting package from another Web Hosting provider to Zeytoon by following the steps mentioned here. For further details, please contact our Support team.

Can I host multiple websites within one Shared Hosting plan?2021-06-08T14:44:10+00:00

Yes, you can host multiple websites on our Gold & Diamond Plan by adding secondary domains through your hosting control panel.

Is SSH access available with Shared Hosting?2021-06-08T14:45:57+00:00

Yes, we do provide SSH access.

Is Email hosting included in my plan?2021-06-09T03:39:29+00:00

Yes, Email hosting is a part of your Shared Hosting package, and you can create multiple email accounts as specified in your package. The upper limit for email storage is 10 GB per package. If you require more email resources, please check out our Business Email and Google Workspace plans.


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